Sam Garton

Local children’s author and illustrator, Sam Garton lives in Reading with his wife, 10 month old baby boy, and cats Jasper and Teddy. Sam is running the I Am Otter session at Wokingham Children’s Book Festival ‪on 20th October‬:

What is your all time favourite children’s book, and why?

That’s a hard question because I’ve read a lot of kids books (and I’m quite fickle. I think I prefer the ones with a sense of humour, so on that basis I’m going to say ‘The Day The Crayons Quit’ by Drew Daywalt, and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. But ask me next week and that will most likely have changed.

Paddington, Winnie or Rupert?

I think Paddington is pretty cool, and Winnie is an old friend. I’m just not a fan of Rupert’s dress code. Sorry, Rupert…

If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why? Can you ‘talk’ like the animal?

I’d definitely be one of my cats. They seem to have a great time just doing nothing all day. Can I talk like my cats? I try to talk to them but I’m constantly ignored, so I guess I’m not all that good at talking ‘Cat’.

Best place for ice cream after lunch?

Excuse me? Who waits until AFTER lunch for ice cream? Stop doing that. And if you have to have ice cream after lunch, make sure lunch is also ice cream. That also fixes things.

Rockpooling, reading or running, sunbathing or sandcastle building? Which is your favourite beach and activity, and why?

Most beach activities are fun, apart from possibly rockpooling on account of a slight fear of crabs that I might have. I’m not sure I’ve done all that much running at the beach either, is that what I should be doing? I’ll definitely set aside more time for running next time I’m down at the coast. Anyway, If I had to pick an absolute favourite beach activity it would be sand castle building. I’m one of the best sand castle builders ever, but have not proof due to the temporary nature of sandcastles.

What is the yuckiest thing you can think of?

Soggy toast is pretty bad, mind you so are brussels sprouts. Can I combine two yucky things? If so the answer to this questions is: Brussels sprouts on soggy toast! *Shudder*

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